Integrated policy

  1. To clearly know the explicit demands, requirements and expectations of our clients and to comply with legal requirements.
  2. To grow our organisation in a manner consistent with offering a proper response to current and future market needs while promoting a spirit of constant improvement.
  3. To share our quality and environmental targets and criteria throughout every level of our organisation.
  4. To manage processes using indicators and to analyse their progress in a way that lets us know and guarantee our service, provide the quality demanded by our clients, and ensure that natural resources are used wisely.
  5. To comply with applicable quality and environmental laws and regulations and with other requirements deemed appropriate by AUTOCARES JULIÀ.
  6. To convey our policy and environmental quality to our suppliers.
  7. To study and evaluate processes so as to reduce their environmental impact on our activity and to pre-evaluate the environmental impact of new activities or services.
  8. To minimise harmful emissions and waste production so as to save resources, preserve energy and prevent accidental emissions.
  9. To streamline the use of natural resources and to encourage thinking that protects our environment, not only through our own activities, but also by getting all our suppliers and clients involved. That way we can raise society’s awareness of the quality and environmental respect that is required of us.
  10. To develop continuing training programmes that meet the needs of our internal and external clients.
  11. Constant improvement is the key driver in the performance of every activity at our company.
  12. To preserve the stimulating and motivational environment for every member of the company.
  13. To involve the entire staff in attaining all of our quality and environmental targets.
  14. To set up a training programme for all company personnel to help them in their jobs and to provide them with the knowledge required to improve the organisation.
  15. To establish a work methodology that improves internal communications between the various departments and branches.
  16. To achieve maximum safety for our staff, clients, vehicles, partners and facilities during the performance of our activity.

General Manager - November 2020