Integrated Policy

  1. Has a clear understanding of the explicit and implicit demands, requirements and expectations of stakeholders and compliance with legal requirements. 
  2. Develops the organisation coherently in order to provide the appropriate response to the current and future market situation, promoting the spirit of continuous improvement as set out in the current version of the reference standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001, UNE-EN-ISO 13816, UNE-EN-ISO 14001 and UNE-EN-ISO 39001.
  3. Disseminates at all levels of our structure the established objectives and criteria for Occupational Risk Prevention, Quality, Environment and Road Safety, as well as to all our suppliers.
  4. Manages the processes by means of indicators and analyses the level of progress of the same, in such a way that allows us to know and ensure the service and quality guarantee required by our clients, as well as guaranteeing operational control, both environmental and road safety.
  5. Complies with the applicable legislation and regulations on Occupational Risk Prevention, Quality, Environment and Road Safety and with other requirements that AUTOCARES JULIA considers.
  6. Studies and evaluates the processes in order to reduce the environmental impact of our activity and evaluates in advance, as well as minimising occupational and road safety risks, improving the working conditions of our employees due to the development of new activities or services.
  7. Minimises pollutant emissions and waste production to conserve resources and to prevent accidental releases of substances or energy.
  8. Promotes a clear awareness of favouring both our environment and working conditions, involving our staff as well as our suppliers and customers.
  9. Continuous improvement is the main catalyst in the performance of all activities in our company.
  10. The principles of Occupational Risk Prevention, Quality, Environment and Road Safety are integrated at all levels of the company.
  11.  Involves all personnel to achieve all the objectives of Occupational Risk Prevention, Quality, Environment and Road Safety.
  12. Establishes a training programme for all company personnel that helps them in their job and contributes to the continuous improvement of the organisation.
  13. Establishes a working methodology to improve internal communication between the different departments and delegations. 
  14. Achieves maximum safety for personnel, clients, vehicles, collaborators and facilities during the performance of our activity.
  15. Maintains the integrated policy at the disposal of interested parties, reviewing it periodically so that it continues to be appropriate to the organisation.
  16. Renewal of the fleet with more ergonomic vehicles and more sustainable engines, equipped with active and passive safety measures that allow us to optimise energy consumption and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

General Manager Xavi Valls - January 2024